Homicidal Humor

by Brian Foster
aka Vonn Auld Kopp

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About the Author

The author, Brian Foster, used to write under the assumed name of Vonn Auld Kopp to avoid problems with his department's administration. He's spent thirty four years in law enforcement. Twenty three of those years were spent in Houston's Homicide Division as a Detective/Sergeant. Homicide investigation exposes the most human side of life, and if you don't get personally involved it can be darned entertaining as well. He attempts in both books to expose his readers to aspects of life that have brought mirth to what otherwise would be horrific situations. These books attempt to show how homicide investigators (like soldiers) seek out humor in an attempt to counterbalance the carnage they work among.

Unwarranted accusations about being a multi-degreed Red Neck have been leveled at this author.  His accuser's slurs began following Vonn's advanced studies into the unspeakable tongue (language skills and verbage) of the North American Street Animal. His mother could very well be wrong about him you know. 

His second book (More Homicidal Humor) goes into a multitude of police shootings as well as wild stories about life on the street. These are both "take no prisoners" kind of books that beat up on black trash, white trash and brown trash. He on occasion takes pot shots at police department administrators along the way. Scattered among the humor is a realistic insight into investigative techniques as well as the thought processes of lower forms of life on the street. Your mother never told you how you would know a homosexual murder from a heterosexual murder the moment you walked into a room. Brian however can enlighten you. Both of his books reflect the writer's "Been There-Done That-Stepped in It" attitude. Similarly his books are written in the language of a Texas good ol' boy and they speak of things that most of the world will never see or hear about.


Disclaimer: No person or event represented in this book is real; these are just stories told to me by the big kids.